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Dual Band GSM800 & GSM1900 Signal Booster + Indoor Antenna - Signal jammers Wholesale, Signal Blockers Factory
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Dual Band GSM800 & GSM1900 Signal Booster + Indoor Antenna

Product No.:AL-103898
10~100 Pieces:195.94USD/SET
MOQ:5 Pieces,FOB Price(Excluding freight)
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Product Description:
Single Booster Speciation: 

1) Frequency range: a) Up link: GSM 890~915/DCS 1710~1785(MHZ); b) Downlink: GSM 935~960/DCS 1805~1880(MHZ) 

2) Gain(db): GSM/DCS; 50/45 

3) Coverage: 500~800m2 

4) Output power: >=17DB 

5) Pass band ripple: a) GSM: 10DB; b) DCS: 10DB 

6) Guard band rejection: a) GSM: (BW-60db)<=42MHZ, (BW-70db)<=45; b) DCS: (BW-60db)<=104MHZ 

7) I/O return loss: <=-10DB 

8) Intermediation attenuation: >=40DBC 

9) Transmission Delay: <=0.5us 

10) Power supply: AC 110~220V+-10% 45~55HZ 

11) Function: Power supply LED denote 

12) Product Size:176x122x27mm 

13) Weight: 825g 

* Indoor Antenna speciation: 

1) Model: TQJ-SA800/2500-3F 

2) Frequency range: 800~960/1710~2500MHZ 

3) Gain: 2dBi/5dBi 

4) S.W.R: <=1.4 

5) Product size: Approx. 165x165x145mm 

6) Weight: 185g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.85kgs / 4.08lb
Qty per Carton 4
Carton Weight 7.30kgs / 16.09lb
Carton Size 46cm * 30cm * 40cm / 18.11inch * 11.81inch * 15.75inch
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