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GPS Tracker | JM07 Fashion Two-way mini GPS personal locator tracker/GPS satellite positioning trackers for Children Eleder Pets Car

Product No.:AL-102116
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Product Description:

I. Brief Introduction

This productbased on GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning systemis aimed at remote target positioning and monitoring via SMS or Internet.

II. Technical parameters

2.1 GSM frequency band: 850/900/1800/1900

2.2 GPS continuous positioning, GPRS regular reporting;

2.3 Battery: 500mAh,3.7V built-in battery

2.4 Operating voltage: 3.3--4.2V DC

2.5 GPS positioning time: cold boot about 38s (Open sky)

warm boot about 32s (Open sky)

hot boot about 2s (Open sky)

2.6 GPS positional accuracy: 10m (2D RM)

2.7 Operating ambient temperature: -20'C~+50'C

2.8 Operating ambient humidity: 20%~80%RH

2.9 Overall size: 45(L)*35(W)*15(H)mm

3.3 About charging indicator

When host charging, its red and yellow lights will be alternatively on (red on 9s and yellow on 1s); the yellow to be constant on when fully charged.

IV. Appearance View

V. Instructions 
5.1 SIM card installation Follow the direction shown, insert the 2G—GSM—SIM card to open GPRS. 
Please use a SIM card adaptable to 2G-GSM network; 
Terminal SIM card needs to open up the caller ID display function. 
The PIN code of terminal SIM card closed. 
Terminal SIM card needs to open up the GPRS function.
5.2 Device starting-up
5.2.1 Place the SIM card properly. Long press the switch until hearing the horn sound,and release the switch. 
5.2.2 After the device switched on, and when GPS signals can be received normally, the GPS indicator will be flashing and upload the GPS positioning data to the server; after that, it will automatically enter the sleep mode 2 to work and the light switches off. When it is awaken to upload data, the GPS indicator will flash; the device will upload the position data information to the service platform once every 5 minutes. (Please refer to 5.9.2 for sleep mode 2)
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