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Wholesale Signal Booster | 5W 2.4G Wifi Wireless Broadband Amplifier

Product No.:AL-10350
MOQ:5 Pieces,FOB Price(Excluding freight)
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Product Description:

Support Standards:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n


Working Pattern: TDD

RF Output Power:37dbm(5w)

Input Trigger Power:Min:3dbm Max:20dbm

Transmit Gain:17db typical

Receiver Gain:11db typical

Switch Time Delay:<1us

Noise Figure:3.0db(typical)

Operating Temp:-40~+70'C

Working Voltage:6-18VDC

Operating Humidity:up to 95'rel.humidity

Indicating Lamp:Transmitter:Green/Receive:Red

How to connect:

Step 1: Remove the antenna from the wireless router(access point).

Step 2: Use RG316 cable to connect the booster and AP.

Step 3: Connect the antenna to the other end of booster.

Step 4: Plug in the power adapter.


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