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Product No.:AL-10694
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Product Description:

380~2500MHz 2-way SMA Power Divider Signal Booster Splitter


1) Broadband frequency 2 way splitter: 380-2500MHz;

2) Connector type: SMA female(hole inside);

3) Good performance, low insertion loss and VSWR.


l Power splitter/divider is a kind of all input signal energy will be divided into two or more signals energy output devices.

l Power splitters/dividers are used in a wide variety of applications and can satisfy almost any requirement where a signal

needs to be distributed or combined.

l Our compact, microstrip splitter/divider/combiners provide minimal insertion loss while delivering high isolation between output ports with exceptional phase

and amplitude balance.

Here is the specifications of our 380-2500MHz 2-way power splitter/divider


The item is brand-new, unused, undamaged. See the listing for full details.

Product Description:

Brand New Two-way Power Dividers 380-2500MHz 2-way Power Splitter.

For use in signal distribution systems to split the amplified signal to up to 4 antennas with minimal signal loss.

Weatherproof case for indoor or outdoor use.

The product is ideal for in-building applications that require the combining or dividing of RF to accommodate multiple

antenna locations.

This 2-way splitter allows you to drive two interior antennas from a single amplifier/repeater. Because you are splitting the

signal each antenna will receive approximately 1/2 of the signal which equates to about 70% of the coverage distance

when compared to driving a single antenna. Allows you to drive two interior antennas (up to 4 using multiple splitters)

with a single amplifier/repeater.

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