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Wholesale Signal Booster | smart GSM990 GSM Repeater Booster Amplifier

Product No.:AL-10690
10~100 Pieces:29.85USD/Piece
MOQ:Mini.Order:5 Pieces,FOB Price(Excluding freight)
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Product Description:

Voltage : 220V AC/DC12V 2A

Frequency range :

890MHz--915MHz(Up link)

935MHz--960MHz(Down link)

Gain :

1) : 980

Uplink :65dB Donwlink :70db

Signal coverage : Upto cover for 1000-1500 square meters use

Impedance : 50OHM ;

Seclusion : >70db

Ambient temperature:-10oC--50oC

Configuration: 12V/2A prower

Size : 200X108X25mm .

Net weight : 0.72kgs .

Gross Weight :0.99Kg

Signal coverage area : Refered to the above said configures . it will be different according to your using condition and the indoor antennas which you are using .

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