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Portable signal jammer | Portable WIFI/bluetooth jammer/blocker

Product No.:AL-105630
10~100 Pieces:16.39USD/PC
MOQ:5 Pieces,FOB Price(Excluding freight)
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Product Description:

A mini Portable WIFI/bluetooth Jammer can block wirless signal in radius up to 10 meters!

Output port        Frequency                

WIFI/bluetooth     2400-2500MHz

Coverage: 1-10meters radius.(Depending on the mobile service provider’s Network condition)

* Battery inside,easy charging

* Smart size.

* High Quailty Design,Low consumption

* It can work for 120 minutes after being fully charged

Working Time of Input Battery: 120minuters

Output Power: 0.6W Power supply: (AC220V DC5V)


1,Fix the antenna well before turning on the device.

2,The device should be placed in the areas of good ventilation. Please try to avoid the shielding of big objects, or keep away

strong electromagnetic sources with heat sources to ensure high isolation effect and stable operation for a long time.

3, Do not use the jammer when charging.

4, Switch off the device in time when not using it.

5,The unit is better for indoor use, if happenly you have to use it outdoor,pleasure make sure to keep it away from water or damp.

6 Since power supply, antenna and main unit make a whole set, and well set up before leaving factory, in order to ensure the best

performance, do not mix-use them with others.

7 Keep away from caustic gases and liquids, and be sure to make it dust-proof and moisture-proof.


1, The unit needs no special maintenance.

2, Do not use chemical solvents and prevent water from entering into the device when cleaning its surface.

3, When not in use, the device should be placed in dry and ventilated places, to avoid its contact with salty mist and noxious gases.

4, The warranty period is one year.

Packing list:

1, jammer main unit

2, Charger Adapter

Important Notice:

The jammer is ONLY for legal use!

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