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Wholesale Signal Booster | 2.4G wireless signal amplifier of wireless router / two-way signal amplifier

Product No.:AL-102410
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Product Description:

Product features:

- compatible with IEEE802.11b/g model

Signal - a wide range of input -5 ~ 15dBm, support for automatic gain control (AGC)

- two-way half duplex transceiver switch (Plug&Play), automatic, easy to use

Adopt synchronous switch control technology, ensure the trunk amplifier with synchronous transceiver AP

- the high linear power amplifier, can effectively suppress the intermodulation and stray

High receiving sensitivity, ensure the uplink and downlink balance

- built in lightning protection, reverse voltage protection and overload of surge protection guarantee its perennial work

Product features:

1 a substantial increase in wireless network coverage and stability;

2 support 2.4G B/B+/G/N super G wireless network and Bluetooth devices, the 2400-2500MHz frequency range of internationally recognized industrial band;

3 of the strongest power output of 2W (33dBm, 2000MW), bi-directional, half duplex and automatic switching (plug and play), automatic gain control;

4 SMA joint, convenient replacement of various antennas, which can be connected with the indoor and outdoor orientation, omnidirectional antenna;

5 can be used in conjunction with the Bluetooth device, wireless network card, wireless router, wireless AP;

The 6 input level is not restricted, even if the input power is again high will not burn;

7 all aluminum alloy building, convenient for heat dissipation;

8 simple and convenient to install, don't need software, plug and play.

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