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Wholesale Signal Booster | 300M wireless signal repeater WIFI wireless signal amplifier mini wireless relay amplifier

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Product Description:
Mini wireless router, support 802.11 n wireless communication standard, and is compatible with IEEE802.11 B / G standard, high data transmission rate up to 300 Mbps. Mainly used to provide free WIFI service, such as factories, streets, communities, such as in a large area of mini wireless router, enhancement may take a distance of up to 300 meters from the normal. It supports WEP, WPS and WPA/WPA2 of personal and business encryption standard.
Mini wireless router products not only can compatitable wireless adapter and wireless client type, also can be well combined with WiFi mobile phone, tablet computer, notebook computer, the notebook etc.It provides a stable and high-speed wireless signal, let you surf the Internet more smoothly and quickly.
Product specifications
Comply with the IEEE standard, 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b standards
- the support router, client, bridge, relay AP mode
- no external power adapter
- provides 1 10/100M adaptive WAN Ethernet port
- provides 1 10/100M adaptive LAN Ethernet port
QoS function, to ensure the quality of the VoIP and multimedia data stream
- wireless broadband speeds up to 300Mbps, and backward compatible with 802.11b / G products with the traditional 1T1R, the 2T2R MIMO provides greater throughput range
- easy to install assistant provides fast and hassle free installation
- support SSID broadcast control
WMM and WMM-APSD support
Supports 64/128/152 WEP, consistent with the 128 bit WPA (TKIP / AES), support MIC, IV extension, shared key authentication, IEEE 802.1X
- user interface support free WEB software upgrade
Supports configuration file backup and recovery
A variety of models, feature rich
The new WIFI repeater support AP (wireless access point), Client (wireless client), Repeater (wireless relay), Bridge (wireless bridge), Router (wireless router) five kinds of work mode.
1.AP mode. This is also the default work mode of equipment. This mode the device is a wireless access point, supporting plug
Used without configuration. If you need to configure the wireless encryption parameters.
2.Router mode. This mode device is equivalent to a wireless router, cable interface as WAN, wireless
LAN. A plurality of wireless clients can share a broadband Internet line, if you need to set using the Router model.
3.Repeater mode. The use of equipment of wireless relay function, relaying and amplifying the realization of wireless signal, and the formation of new
The wireless coverage area, and ultimately achieve coverage extension of wireless network to.
4.Bridge mode. Use of bridging function of the equipment, the first new mini WiFi repeater and the front end of wireless network
Wireless connection is established, and then send their own wireless signal, the formation of new wireless coverage, can solve the effective signal
Weak and signal blind spots and wireless coverage problem.
5.Client mode. Client model, also known as the "master-slave mode". Working in this mode AP for the main AP is no
Line client, equivalent to the wireless network card.
The anti ARP attack
Support binding IP and MAC address, effectively prevent ARP attack, security of Intranet security.

837R uses the industries with the highest standard of 802.11N, wireless transmission rate up to 300M, is 6 times than traditional 54M transmission rate.

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