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Wholesale Signal Booster | 3W 2.4GHz 33DBi Support 802.11N/b/g Wifi Wireless Indoor Signal Boosters Repeater Amplifier SH24BTA-N

Product No.:AL-102419
MOQ:5 Pieces,FOB Price(Excluding freight)
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Product Description:

SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (7)SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (5)
SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (1)SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (2)SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (3)SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (4)SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (6)SH24BTA-N 2.4G wifi signal booster (10)

Sunhans 3W 2.4GHz 33DBi 3000mW Support 802.11N/b/g Wifi Booster Wireless Signal Boosters Repeater Amplifier


This indoor signal booster can increase the effective range and coverage area of your Wi-Fi network., It is Ideal for increase the 3000Mhz frequency devices.


- Amplifies 802.11b/g/n   wireless network/broadband signals
- Works with most wireless access points/routers
- Ideal for use with detachable 2.4GHz antenna equipments
- Supports standard SMA antenna connectors
- Dramatically improved network coverage and range
- 34dBm (2.5W) output
- Supports IEEE802.11N/b/g
- Amplification frequency range: 3000MHz
- Easy installation, plug and play


Model: SH24BTA-N11N wireless booster

Supports standard:   IEEE802.11 B / G / N  

frequency: 3000MW MHz

Impedance: 50Ω

RF output power: 3000MW [34dBm]

Transmit Gain: 1317 db

Receiver Gain: 8 - 12dB

The input trigger power-minute. 5dBm the

Maximum. +17 (50MW)

Noise factor: 3.0 dB (typical)

Operating Temperature: -40 ° C to +70 ° C

Operating Humidity: up to 95 ° relative. Humidity

Housing: aluminum

Weight: 400g

Size: 6.5 × 3.0 × 1.5 cm

- Package includes:
- 1 * Broadband amplifiers BOOSTER
- 1 * 100V~240V AC adapter (US plug)
- 1 * Connection cable

-  1 *  User Manual

-  1 *  antennal  5DBI

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