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GSM 900 Cellular Phone Signal Repeater Booster + Antenna (55dB)

Product No.:AL-104349
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Product Description:

1. Frequency range: 

- Up link GSM 890-915 

- Downlink GSM 925-960 

2. Gain(dB) GSM Up link: 55 

3. GSM Downlink: 60 

4. Gain adjustable range: MGC>=30dB 

5. Output power(dBm): >=20 

6. Pass band ripple GSM: 4dB 

7. Guard band rejection: GSM(BW-60dB)=<42 MHz (BW-70dB)=<45 MHz 

8. I/O impedance: 50/N Connector 

9. I/O return loss: -10dB and below 

10. Noise igure: -8dB and below 

11. Intermodulation attenuation (Po=13dBm): 40dBc and above 

12. Transmission Delay: 0.5us and above 

13. Ambient temperature: -10~50 degree celsius 

14. Power supply: AC110~220V±10 percent, 45~55Hz 


1. Fully integrated 900 MHz antenna system 

2. Powerful amplifier enables up to + 85 dB of signal gain including cable loss 

3. Intelligent signal processing and real time adaptive operation 

4. Automatically adjusts power levels as needed to ensure a consistent coverage footprint 

5. Reprogrammable (in the field) enabling spectrum or carrier reconfigurations as needed 

6. Auto-Track LED diagnostics displays aid install and operation 

7. Patented algorithms and adaptive processing ensure our products will not interfere with other wireless frequencies or radio devices 

The package contains: 

1. 55dB GSM Cellular Phone Signal Amplifier 

2. 9dB outdoor antenna 

3. 3dB indoor antenna 

4. 10m cable 

5. Mounting accessories 

6. AC power supply
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.01kgs / 2.22lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 19.50kgs / 42.99lb
Carton Size 54cm * 38cm * 34cm / 21.26inch * 14.96inch * 13.39inch
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